Australia consumer law is the national rules that regulate fair trading and consumer protection and it is applied to all Australian businesses. The law is administered by Australian competition and consumer commission as well as State and Territory Consumer protection agencies in conjunction with Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Australia consumer law which was started in 2011 is a cooperative reform of both Australia government and States and territories which occur through legislative and governance forum of the consumer affairs.  The Australia consumer law provides that some breaches are serious such that they may be treated as a criminal offense.  This law deal has statutory rules that deal with liability claims for loss or damage of the consumer goods.  Australia consumer law creates national powers which are to be used by consumer law regulators which include penalties and remedies for breach of Australia consumer law. The Australia consumer law allows the Commonwealth minister to prescribe the information standards about certain information required to be provided by the supplier of the consumer goods and services. In the Australia consumer law, the consumers have right to deliver what they promised if the business fails. The Australia consumer law includes the national product safety law, national law guaranteeing consumer rights when buying goods and services, national unfair contract terms law which covers standard form consumer and small business, simple national rules for lay-by agreements and penalties, enforcement powers and the redress options.  Australia consumer law prohibits false or misleading representations, harassment and supply of inappropriate goods and services to consumers. The Australia consumer law was recommended by the productivity commission in 2008. This is because the productivity commission found that the Australia consumer law could deliver approximately $1.5 to $4.5 billion to benefit Australian community.

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