The Australian consumer law entails the single national law for consumers, national unfair contract terms law, national product safety regulatory system and reforms designed to enhance the operation of law. Australian consumer law is a national law that governs the fair trading and consumer protection.   Australian consumer law regulates how consumers buy goods and services together with their conditions and warranties. The law introduces rules for business and trading practices. The law includes the penalties and enforcement of powers. The law has introduced the civil pecuniary penalties, public warning notices allowing the public to warn the consumer about some traders and consumer redress orders disqualification orders banning an individual from managing certain corporations   The Australian consumer law is enforced by Australian competition and consumer commission and the state and territory consumer protection agencies. Australian protection in Australia has implemented the national product safety legislative regime. There are many benefits of consumer law which have been listed. Introduction of the consumer law led to a much debate which was beneficial to Australian people. The law is based on recommendations of the productivity commission. The mission of Australian treasury is to improve the well-being of the Australian people. The Australian treasury makes sure that the choice of the people is well taken. Amendment of the law is made in accordance with the process set out in the intergovernmental agreement.

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