Finance law is rules set aside for the purpose of the ensuring integrity of financial system and prevention of fraud. The law is ideal in areas that deal with money borrowing and management of the financial liabilities.   The project finance involves making loans in various project whereas acquisition finance deals with rendering money to companies. Apart from State and federal laws imposing reporting requirement for the banks, they are also responsible for regulating taxes.  Financial law is a statute, regulations governing financial institutions. Financial law is ideal for institutions who intend to lender money.  Individual investing and incorporation of business finances are some of the financial transactions regulated by the finance law. Financial laws play a key role in financial stability, customer protection, market system and reduction of financial crimes.  The main goals of bank regulations are prudential, protection of bank confidentiality, systematic risks, and credit allocation. It is important to study and understand the laid down objectives for one to excel in the financial sector. There are major words that are regularly used in finance law.  Security is one of the common vocabularies which is used to mean financial asset such as a mortgage.   Receivership is commonly used in banking and financing sector.   In simpler terms receivership is a legal process where the government gets hold of the failing bank. There are some laid down finance rules which one must adhere to when in a Muslim country. Correction of interests on loans is prohibited in Muslim countries.  In finance industries, lawyers play a very key role to their clients. The key duty of a lawyer is to negotiate and document the contractual relationship between the lenders and borrowers. Lawyers offer a guiding lesson to whoever wants to engage in finance industries.  It is advisable for small businesses to hire a lawyer in order to comply with all legal rules.

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