Movie review writing is a way of expressing one’s opinion towards a certain movie. The main purpose of a movie review is to help a reader to determine whether to buy a certain movie or not. When writing a movie review you are supposed to be very honest as the reader will depend on your opinion. a movie review should give full details of a certain movie. Ideas of movie review should flow systematically from the introduction to the end. Students must know the writings skills applied when it comes how to write a movie review. If at all you are not assigned with a particular movie, choose a movie which you are interested with. Avoid choosing a movie which you have no interest with as you will not be able to give proper feedback on it.  Select a quiet place to watch your move with no disturbance. Watch movie keenly noting the main character in that movie. It is advisable to watch a movie at least twice in order to understand it well.  Write down important points you come across when watching your movie. Give your own opinions towards the movie. Be honest when writing your opinions. Write both positive and negative opinions. It is good to identify your audience before writing a movie review. For instance, if your audience is children use a childish language in order to attract them. Give a clear outline for your movie.  Follow instructions given by your tutor strictly in order to come up with a quality movie review. After drawing outline for your movie review, sit down and write your first draft. Include all points which you gathered when you watched the movie and arrange all points well. Make your introduction as interesting as possible in order to attract reader read rest of your movie review. It should give a clear overview of the whole movie. Avoid awkward language when writing introduction part of your movie review. Discuss your move review in more details in the body part. Make sure that main characters, the plot of the play are well elaborated in the body of your movie review. Sum up all points in the entire movie review in this part.  Your movie review should be summarized in one paragraph only. Write final draft of your movie review using information in the first draft.  Revise your movie review at least twice in order to make corrections where necessary.

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