Natural law, analytic jurisprudence, and normative jurisprudence are three main aspects of the jurisprudence.  Natural law is the unchangeable law of nature that all institution should look upon and try to match with theorists. The natural law intends to identify the moral compass to guide state law making power.  Analytic jurisprudence is a concern with the inquisitive nature of the academics.  Normative jurisprudence concern the law which need to be in an ideal world.  It is a challenge to students when they are asked to explain how to write jurisprudence essay.  Before engaging in writing, it is important to have knowledge of jurisprudence and what it entails. When writing a jurisprudence essays, always remember to limit your essay according to the instructions given.  Jurisprudence essays require one to resolve the legal controversy. It is not advisable to tell the reader in the first paragraph what your argument is all about. But it is more exciting if the reader does a jurisprudential scavenger hunt.   Write a conclusion that summarizes the entire essay.  It is not advisable to add any new information in the conclusion part.  Conclusion part should not be large but should be made up of only one paragraph. By understanding what is required from you, will guarantee high grade in this type of essay.  Clearly, identify the legal authority and critical evaluation of the essay. Reassure the examiner that the essay was easy by carrying out thorough research from various sources.  Let the argument follow one another in a systematic way.  Repeat the question in every paragraph and give the best argument ever. Correct quotations, paraphrasing, and citations are very important when writing jurisprudence essay

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