Health law is a law that governs the health industry which includes hospitals, nursing homes, acute care centers, and the practitioners. Health law regulates the health of the person and public. Health law helps the country to improve health service delivery, country meet health goals, health workforce, implementing health policies, and also helps to manage to respond risks to personal health. Examples of the health law that can impact healthcare are corporate and tax law, tort law, family law, juvenile and elderly law, and environmental law.  The Law that governs health is normally a concern with legal mechanisms and the process that figure power allocation as well as its accountability for its exercise in the health sector. The main difference between the public health law and health care law is that public health law focuses on prevention of diseases and injuries which lowers the population whereas health care law majors on the delivery of treatment to people. The major topics that are associated with the law and governance for health are strategizing for health, essential health care, decentralization, and accountability.  Health law is present in federal, local government and in legal service organizations.  Students who are interested in studying health law must think hard of the measures to take to develop the experience and credentials needed in health sector.  Employers normally looks upon the students who have experience, knowledge and interest when they want to employ. Therefore, students must be keen on their studies as well as having passion in their career. There are health lawyers whose their main duty is to represent their client on the matters that relate to health.  Health lawyers give advice regarding the physical recruitment, staff relations and acquisition of physical practices.   Health lawyers also help in fraud and abuse claims as well as Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement matters. Lawyers work in places like government agencies, hospitals, and other organizations with health care focus.

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