Students in college levels are usually given a lot of assignment. Students sometimes panic because they are not aware of the writing skills which are applied in a particular academic paper.  Mostly case studies are assigned to students who pursue in business courses. It becomes a challenge when business students are asked to explain how to write a case study. It helps to introduce students in immersing world of business.  Case study represents facts about a particular scenario in an organization. A good case study should have a background information of the business environment, description of a given business and identification of the key problems associated with the business. When analyzing a case study, start by examining and describing the business environment in question. Consider the competitors and give general information of the potential customers. Indicate any changes that have occurred in the business.  It is good to describe the structure and size of the business and the financial history. Remember to include the public and private ownership of the business.  Make sure you provide a brief history of the chain of command. Highlight the challenges which the business is facing and how those challenges have affected the business in question.  Describe how the business responds to the challenges.  It is important to describe the successes of the business as well as failures.  Describe whether the set aim was achieved or not. If the aim was not achieved, describe the suitable recommendations to the aim. State the changes to be included in the business and strategy to use in improving the business. Conclude the case study by summarizing the findings and the recommendations.  Proofread the case study to make sure that it is free from any grammatical and spelling errors.  Make sure that the message has a systematic flow. Submit the assignment before the deadline.

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