Analyzed law case acts as a tool for self-instruction. Study of law cases helps one to understand what law entails and that knowledge is used in resolving conflicts.  In order to be able to analyze the case in a suitable manner, one has to be well equipped with the relevant law knowledge. Create enough time to be able to read and re-read the case overtimes ensure that there are no important matters that have been omitted. There are four elements that are found in law case which include facts where it comprises of name of the case and its parties together with what happened and the judgment, the second one is the issue which describes the dispute which was addressed in the court, the third one is holding which discusses about the applied rule of law and the last one is rationale which states the reasons of the holdings. When it comes on how to analyze a law case, start by creating a structured outline of the case-law. In simpler terms structure is an important element of good legal writing.  Outliner helps in organizing research to issues and sub-issues. Also, outline provides flexibility when editing a draft.  After creating a structure, prepare a legal memorandum which represents research and analysis of a particular fact.  The main aim of the legal memorandum is to help the reader learn the general structure and components of writing a law case.  The legal memorandum comprises of the following heading, succinct identification of legal issues, a short summary of the conclusion, review of relevant facts, discussion of law relevant to the legal issues and final conclusion.  The heading of the legal case consists of the author and recipient of the memorandum, date, client identification and the subject.   When writing a legal case, it is necessary to succinctly show correct legal issues.  The conclusion part of the legal case should be clear and responsive.    The discussion part provides avenue explaining and analyzing of the case.   The legal citation should be followed in analyzing of case law. Use correct citation format; margins, spacing and page numbers should follow instructions given.

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