There are many types of assignment which students are supposed to undertake and how to write and how to analyze data is an example. Data analysis is one of the hardest assignment a student is assigned during the course.   The major goal of writing analysis data is to pass certain information. Data analysis is all about the detailed discussion of the findings gathered during the research process. Total commitment and interest are the key components which leads to success. The data analysis should be consistent and straight to the point.  It becomes hard when a student is required to explain how to analyze data due to lack of necessary writing skills. Introduction of the data analysis has the outline of the organization. The organization varies according to the type of research carried out. The data can be presented in form of tables, graphs and diagrams and words to guide the reader through the paper.  It is good to write all the tests performed, data gathered and results obtained to make a reader understand. Explain how the results are significant to the analysis and draw a meaningful comparison. On how to analyze a data, start by describing the characterized of the population in question.  Describe each method used in obtaining the data and the benefits of each which is associated with selected methods. A good data analysis consists of executive summary, overview and abstract.  Overview summary is a summary of less than one page. Executive summary has only four hundred words and should convey the message covered in the entire analysis.  An overview is a summary of the entire analysis. An overview is much bigger than the executive summary. An abstract summarizes the most important points of the data.  Make the data analysis more interesting to capture the attention. Make sure that data analysis is free from any grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

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