For students to write best dissertations which will enable them earn more marks, they are supposed to be familiar with steps followed.   Dissertation writing is complex and also a long process. To begin with, go through the given instructions understand what the examiner requires you to do.  Go over ideas which you have concerning the instructions and write them down.  Choose topic that fits you, but you must be specific.  On how to write a dissertation, time management is the key to succeed.  Also make sure that when it comes to dissertation writing, that you are familiar with scholars that may be of helpful in one way or another.  After you have gathered adequate and relevant information from relevant sources, then write down and write your dissertation.    Arrange your points in a systematic way in which a reader will be able to understand easily.  Have a record of well detailed notes of all references are it will be useful when it comes to bibliography writing.  Keywords should be well incorporated in your dissertation.   Make sure that you have scheduled your work carefully. This is because dissertation writing is not a one day work.  Have a timetable and mark days which you will be handling your dissertation.    When writing dissertation do not forget about the structure.  The dissertation must have introduction, main body and conclusion without forgetting table of content and reference pages.   Table of content is important when it comes to improving of manuscript.  You feel exhausted before completing your dissertation and sometimes you leave some blank spaces, that way you are advised to use table of content to go through your dissertation. Main body of dissertation is normally divided into several parts which all of them have connections with topic given.   Literature review of your dissertation should be well detailed and self-explanatory.  Follow instructions given by examiner when writing reference page of your best dissertation. After writing your dissertation, now it is time to go through it.  Correct any grammar, punctuations, and spelling errors which may be present.   Last but not least, submit your best dissertation on time.

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