How to write a law essay is the common question in law students. For a student to write a quality essay, one has to have a clear meaning of the word law and also have a knowledge of what the law entails. Law is a set of legal rules enforced by the court which regulates government and the relationship between the organs of the government. A good law essay has to be detailed with relevant information, therefore a thorough research must be carried out. Neatness and consistency are some of the characteristics of a well-written law essay. When writing a law essay, make sure that an essay contains good grammar and should not contain spelling or punctuation errors. The first step on how to write a law essay is reading and understanding instructions set out by the class instructor and then choosing a suitable topic.  After choosing a topic, create time for research purposes. Make sure that the research is carried out from relevant sources only. Research can be from textbooks written articles, speeches, interviews and commentaries editorials.   To write a detailed essay, it is good to gather information from many relevant books.   After carrying out research, sit down and draft the essay.  Bring all the information gathered during research to make a sensible essay. Commence by writing a thesis statement, and then create an outline which starts with thesis statement then counters arguments which are being addressed in the law essay. Each paragraph should contain a different argument which should be supported by the facts. Remember, all the arguments in the different paragraph must relate to one another. Introduction part of the essay is supposed to be interesting in order to capture reader’s attention. Referencing should be well illustrated and should direct the reader to the specific part of the external reference source.

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