Term paper writing is an interesting task especially if you are aware of steps followed when writing. On the other hand, it can also be challenging if at all you don’t have enough time which is required when writing and knowledge on how to write a term paper.  When writing your term paper, you have to pay special attention in Choosing topic for your term paper.  Term paper topic should be easy to understand and also easy to research.  Do not make a mistake of choosing a topic   which you are not interested with, this is because there is a possibility of not completing your term paper on time or even writing low quality term paper.   Read through your topic keenly and then formulate a research problem.   Create enough time to carry out research in order to gather information. Term paper consists of 8 to 10 pages with a maximum of 3500 words.  Do not limit yourself with one source, but instead use various sources. You can gather information from library books, internet, experts or even magazines to name but a few.  After writing your term paper, make sure that you proofread it before submission.  This will help you correct all errors which may be present. A good term paper should be free from punctuations, spelling and grammatical errors. Title page is written according to instructions given by the examiner.  You can format your title page either using MLA or APA style depending on the instructions. Table of content contains the list of all headings and sub-headings which are present in your term papers together with their page numbers. Introduction contains a brief explanation of the research problem, the main aim of writing a term paper, brief outline of the current research, relevance of term paper topic and the research process to be used.  Introduction section is aimed in giving a reader background information of the whole term paper. Main body is the longest part of the term paper.  It is made up of many different sub-sections. Each section should have information which relates to the topic.  Main body of term paper should have interpretation of primary literature, the methodological problems, the current state of research and also your viewpoint. Conclusion part sum up all the points.

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