There are many academic papers that students are entitled to undertake in their courses. Essay writing is the assignment given to college students. There are different types of essays.  How to write an essay has been a question which most students ask themselves.  To write a quality essay, one has to be familiar with guidelines followed in essay writing. The essay can be used for argument or for the description of a particular view. In order to make your life simple when it comes to essay writing, you must be aware of steps followed when writing.  Life becomes harder when students are assigned with on how to write an essay assignment and they are left to choose a topic on their own. Some students do not have a clue of the steps followed when choosing a topic and therefore they are met by the deadline without completing their essays.  Choose a topic which you are interested with and a topic which has a wide range of research.  Make sure that your topic is easy to understand and should be within the addressed subject.  Take time to read over your topic and then formulate a good thesis statement.  Thesis statement will help you when it comes to the research process.  During research process note down the important points which come along. Also do not assume to write the name of the material, author’s name and date which it was published as it will be of help when during citation.  After research draw a good outline for your essay.   Format your essay according to instructions given. You can either use MLA, APA, Harvard or even Chicago among other writing styles.  Information in the introductory part should be true and provable.  Make sure anecdote is short and straight to the point. Finish the introductory part of the thesis statement. Sum up all the points discussed in the entire essay in the conclusion paragraph. Conclusion paragraph is short and precise. Review the main points of the essay without restating them as they were initially written. After completion of essay writing, re-read it before submission. Check the order of the paragraphs to make sure that there is consistency. A good essay is free from any grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Format according to instructions given. APA, MLA, and Harvard are some of the styles used. And the most important point, give the assignment before the deadline.

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