Article review is an academic writing which is used to analyze a particular article in a more detailed way. You are supposed to have a clear idea of a particular article before writing article review.  When writing article review you are supposed to be very honest as a reader will depend on your opinions towards that article. There are steps followed on how to write article review. Read through an article and determine the main purpose why the author wrote a particular article.  You are also required to determine author’s immediate audience together with determining your own audience. Write down subject matter of the article and also author’s main argument. When writing article review makes sure that keywords are well incorporated and words well spelled. Avoid awkward language when writing article review. Do not plagiarise the content, but make sure that the article review is original. Your article review should be free from any grammatical errors. When writing the article review pay attention to the instructions given on the formatting, margin setting, font, and spacing. It is important to add headings and footers if the instructors demand. Give the article review a relevant title. Introduction of the article review has the journals where the article was previously published, authors name and title of the article, detailed summary of the article.  Students wonder how to write article review because of lack of basic writing skills needed when writing. The body part is always the toughest part to write in article review. This is because this is the part where the students write all that they know about the article.  In body paragraph students examines the entire article from the method used to results obtained.  The student is supposed to support or oppose the article with proper evidence.  Conclusion paragraph has the overview of the article review.

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