Criminology essay addresses factors related to the crime.  A student in a law field is at one point assigned with an assignment on how to write criminology law essay.  When writing criminology essay students must have knowledge pertaining criminology law. Unlike any other essay, criminology law essay is more related to crimes, therefore it is upon students to have knowledge of criminal law and cases. Before writing, it is advisable for a student to read and understand instructions given. Point out the keywords used and come up with a suitable topic. In situations where students are not provided with the topic, it is advisable to students to choose a topic of interest that lies to instructions given. Thesis statement formulated from the topic plays a key role during the research process. Research process becomes easier when one has already understood the instructions. Allocate enough time for research purposes in order to be able to gather enough information. Best sources to research on when writing a criminology law essay are all sources which relate to crimes like earlier criminal judgment, the websites that relate to criminal cases, and criminal research council. After gathering enough information, design the essay in such a way that all information gathered is grouped into various paragraphs and there is consistency. Make sure that introduction paragraph lies down the basis of the thesis statement. Format the essay according to set guidelines. Make sure that there is correct margins setting, font size and citation style.  A classic font like Times New Romans and size 12 are commonly used in law essays.   In general knowing how to write a criminology law essay depends on the interest of a student.  Follow the set guidelines when referencing the Criminology law essay. There are various types of referencing like Harvard and APA. Make sure that sources are well cited.

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