Equity laws are the rules and regulation which are set aside to determine the fairness and justice. The word is used to explain trust and confidence.  A student is required to first understand all the concerns addressed in the equity law to the legal system before engaging on how to write equity law essay. Determination and interest are one of the key elements of writing a good essay as well as having relevant law knowledge. Essay writing is the first assignment given to students who join college level.  It is meant to test the student’s understanding of a certain course.  Equity law essay writing is very common in the legal field and it is advisable first to read and understand the instructions given.   Arguments and facts should be well structured.  Citation, formatting, and paraphrasing should be appropriate.  A well-written equity law essay; it should have a well-defined thesis, well-elaborated argument, and should be precise and consistent, and well organized.   Thorough research should be carried out from various relevant sources as law essay requires a detailed analysis.  Examples of sources of information include legal books, journals, interviews or past judgment.  Equity law essays is composed of the topic, thesis, outline, body, and conclusion.   Choose a topic which lies within the instructions given.  A suitable topic should be easy to understand and to research.  The thesis statement is an argumentative question which helps in research.   Outline of an essay is well listed using bullets. The body of equity law essay constitutes various arguments which are divided into paragraphs and have a clear flow.   Conclusion part should summarize every paragraph of the essay. Conclusion paragraph should be precise and do not add any new information in this part. The last step on how to write equity law essay is proofreading to make sure the essay is free from any spelling or grammatical error.

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