European laws are rules and regulations that govern countries that are found in Europe.  The European law is composed of historical and intellectual elements of European legal system. European law essay writing is one of the assignments for students who are studying law.  For a student to excel on how to write European law essay, interest, proper planning, and experience are the key elements.  To secure a higher grade in law essay writing, a thorough research must be carried out and articulately argued.  When writing a European law essay it is advisable to read a set of instructions given by the tutor, understand them and then choose a suitable topic for the law essay. In this case, choose a topic of interest but which relates to the European law.  The topic should neither be too broad nor too narrow but make sure that it is easy to research. Formulate argumentative statement from the chosen topic. The thesis statement contains the keywords of the topic. Adequate time is essential when it comes to the research process. In European law essay, use the source which relates to European law only to gather relevant information. Sources of information can be dictionaries, guidebooks, encyclopedias and earlier judgment.   Create a clear outline of the European law essay. The outline normally starts with the argumentative statement which was formulated from the topic.  Each argument is followed by the counter-argument.  The introductory part of the essay carries much of the entire essay. Make introduction part interesting to attract the audience to read the entire essay.  Explain the argument in a consistent way in the body part.   Write every argument in a separate paragraph.  Use the correct format when it comes to the citation.  Proofread the essay to make sure that there is proper spacing, pages are well numbered.

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