Family law is a type of law that deals with legal issues about the family relationships which are divorce and child custody among others. It deals with people who have similar domestic issues. The family law prevents emotional and physical abuse among the family members.  This protects the elderly in the family and in the community. Most families have family lawyers to represent them in the court of law if such issues occur. Lawyers deal with matters like child adoption, emancipation, confirmation of the grant, financial issues like where there is disagreement on the finances or other matters like paternity and divorce. The issue of child custody is very common in families as its concern with education, well-being, and safety of the child.  In cases of the child, the judge normally makes the judgment on the interest of a child.  During the divorce cases, distribution of properties is very common.  Sometimes one spouse is required to help the other by offering financial support. In general family law entails the family laws entails the following custodial rights, members’ responsibility, and eligibility.  Sometimes it becomes a challenge to a law student when asked to explain how to write a family law essay.  Interest abs experience is most important when writing a law essay. When writing a family law essay, make sure you present information well, write effectively and argue in a systematic way.   Set enough time for research purposes only in order to gather enough information. It is necessary to read and understand instructions given before carrying out research. Like any other law essay, good grammar, punctuation, and spelling are very important.  When studying family law, a scholar starts with writing an essay, this is because essay writing helps in building skills and helps one to express his knowledge.  A good family essay is well referenced and cases should be well presented and argued. A good family essay must have a topic, argumentative phrase, a well-written outline,   body and an informative conclusion.

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