Essay writing is the first assignment a given when one joins college. Essay writing is meant to test the understanding of a student in a particular course. Students are supposed to be familiar with steps followed when they are requested to explain how to write foreign relation law essay. Student’s understanding of foreign law writing skills determines on to write a foreign relation law essay. For students to excel in a law school, interest and experience are very important.  Maintain professional language throughout when writing a Criminology essay.  Formal English and correct grammar are very important in writing.  Foreign relation law consists of the law that determines the rights and obligations of both State and International organizations.  Scrutinize and find the topic which lies within the instructions given. Familiarize with the topic and consult the class instructor for further clarification. Note the keywords which are on the topic chosen.   From the topic chosen, formulate essay question which is mainly the subject of the essay.  Research from various relevant sources to gather enough information. During the research process, have a pen and a piece of paper to write important information. Lecture notes, relevant criminology books and earlier cases are examples of sources of information. Try to sketch all that information gathered into paragraphs.  Make sure introduction part forms the subject matter of the essay.  Introduction part should be precise and interesting to capture the reader’s attention.  The body of the essay carries the highest percentage.  The body of the essay consists of various paragraphs which address different but related arguments.   Avoid plagiarism and try to be original always.  End the essay with a well summarize conclusion.  Proper introduction and body will result in a correct conclusion.   Proofread the essay to make sure has no grammatical errors.


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