When in a law class, students are asked to explain how to write general law essay.  There is no much different from writing general law essay compared to other types of law essays. To write a good essay, the student is required to be well equipped with legal knowledge and also have interest in the same.  Before engaging in essay writing, a student must read through the set guidelines and understand them fully.  It is advisable to use professional language when writing general law essay.  A good essay is free from any grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.  College students panic when asked how to write general law essay because they are not familiar with the steps followed.  Read the instructions given and choose a suitable general essay topic. The topic must be easy to research and should neither be too broad nor too narrow. Carry out research broadly to gather enough information.  Carry out research from various sources to gather enough sources following the set guidelines. Proper planning will lead to the writing of quality general law essay. Every general law essay consists of introduction, body, and conclusion. Introduction part explains what the entire essay entails. Introduce the argumentative question in introduction part.  The body part is the backbone of the essay.  The body is split into many paragraphs where each paragraph addresses different but related argument.  On the first paragraph, clearly state the keyword of the essay, like in this case the keyword is how to write a general law essay. Cite example cases relevant to the topic in each paragraph. Conclude the entire essay into one paragraph. Conclusion part should be precise.  Summarize all the paragraphs of the entire essay in the conclusion part.  List all sources of information in a separate page known as bibliography page.

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