Land in simple terms refers to any tenure, mines, and minerals whether held from the surface, building or parts of the building.  The land covered with water is also referred to land according to the land act. To score high grades on how to write land law essay, it is important to structure and organize the land law essay well. Thorough research is also very important when writing a land law essay, therefore enough time must be allocated for research purposes. The land law essay must have a systematic flow and very consistent.  The topic chosen must be easy to research and must lie within the instructions given. Choose a title of interest to grab the reader attention.  A good title should be straightforward and clearly identify the legal question.  A good introduction to an essay provides the context of the discussion. It gives a clear overview of what the entire essay entails.  Introduction part presents the thesis statement which was formulated from the topic.  Introductory part sets out the parameter of the discussion.   The second part of the essay is the body part which provides a detailed analysis of the legal issue addressed and it is made up of various paragraphs.    Body part demonstrates to the reader your sound understanding on the topic chosen. The arguments should be presented in a clear and persuasive manner.  Begin a paragraph with the topic sentence then followed by the detailed facts. The topic sentence summarizes the general position reflected in the academic commentary.  Carry out detailed research in order to gather enough information to be able to write a well-detailed body of the essay. A good writer does not use the same transition words when writing an essay to prevent essay from disjointing.  Conclusion part of the essay must answer the question posed in the introduction part. Conclusion paragraph should not contain any new material and be relatively short when compared to the entire essay.  The conclusion of an essay reminds the reader the purpose of the essay.

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