Litigation law is the rules that govern the disputes in the court system.   Litigation is associated with the tort cases.  To understand litigation law, one has to familiarize with the basic stages in the lawsuit. Many students are not aware of writing skills applied when they asked to explain how to write a litigation law essay. A good litigation law essay consists of the following elements, namely, facts, issues, holding that is applied rule of law and rationale which means the reason for applying rule of law.  All these elements should be well stated and discussed. The first sentences in a law essay give a marker idea of what the entire essay contains. Make sure that your essay is interesting to capture marker’s mind. Open the essay with one to three lines of the background information that provides the context of the essay that follows.  It is good to have a brief background information of the entire essay in the introduction part. Every litigation law essay has a sentence question. Sentence question should be clearly stated in the introduction part.  When writing introduction part of the essay, it is advisable to use keywords throughout.  Consider the mechanism to be used when writing the essay. Be specific and straight to the point when writing. Outline the scope of your argument and then provide a brief outline of the structure of litigation law essay to assist the reader to understand the content of the essay. Conclusion part should be well polished. The conclusion part should be short and very simple.  Make sure that litigation essay is formatted according to the set formatting standards that are used to format a legal paper. Like any other law essay, litigation law essay should be free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

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