Money laundering is used to describe the scheme which the criminals try to disguise the original ownership and destination of the money which they have obtained through criminal conduct. It is after understanding the concept of money laundering and steps followed when writing an essay, that a student will be able to explain how to write a money laundering essay.  Learning to write an essay is a skill used in student’s school life and even in social life. Essay writing is meant to test the student’s understanding of a particular course. Before writing money laundering essay, you must have an idea of what you are going to write. If at all you are not assigned to the topic, choose a topic of interest and which is easy to research. The title chosen should be appealing to the reader. The topic should neither be broad nor narrow.  Read and understand the topic of choice and come up with the thesis statement. Thesis statement plays a big role when carrying out the research. Introduction part contains background information of the entire essay and it should be brief and precise.  In the body part of the essay, is where you develop your story relating to the thesis statement and the topic.  Carry out thorough research from relevant sources to gather enough information. In this case of money laundering, it is advisable to deal with sources which are money related. The body part is divided into various paragraphs which addresses the different information but which relate to each other. Conclusion part is the last part of the essay and it ties back the introduction part. Summarize all the information in the entire essay in the conclusion part. Format the essay according to instructions given. APA, MLA, and Harvard are some of the citation styles that are used in formatting academic papers.

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