Personal injury is the legal disputes which arise when a person suffers a harm from the accident or injury.  Personal injury is formalized through civil court proceedings.  Essay writing is the first assignment given to students who have joined college.  Essay writing is like a gauge which measures the understanding of a student in a particular course. Writing an essay can be a stressing task to the students. On how to write a personal injury essay, a student must be well equipped with writing skills applied and must understand the concept of personal injury. Personal injury consists of the topic, thesis statement, introduction, body of information and conclusion.  The essay must contain the facts which must be well analyzed.  Make sure that the facts discussed have a relationship with the topic chosen.  When writing a personal injury essay, start by picking a topic. Choose a topic of interest and which serves the intended purpose.  Proper planning leads to the writing of high-quality personal injury essay. Now that you have already chosen the topic and written down some ideas related to the topic, formulate the thesis statement. Thesis statement communicates to a reader the points of your personal injury essay.  Thesis statement normally has two parts where the first part states the topic while the other part states the point of the essay.  The introduction part should attract reader’s attention and show the focus of your personal injury essay. The body part of the essay explains the topic in details. Begin writing the main idea in introductory sentence of the first paragraph.  Sum up all your essay in the conclusion part. Conclusion paragraph should contain three to five strong paragraphs and new ideas should not be introduced in conclusion part.  Reread your essay to make sure that it makes sense before submission for marks awarding.

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