The thesis is written by students in a higher level of education. When writing thesis one has to allocate enough time as the thesis is a detailed type of writing.  Students get stressed when they are assigned with an assignment on how to write thesis reason being, they are not conversant with the steps followed in writing.  A good thesis consists of title page, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, introduction, methods, results, discussion conclusion, recommendations, acknowledgments, references, and appendices. The title page includes the subtitle, author’s name, institution, institution name, the name of the tutor, submission date, and the research mentor.  Abstract part of thesis explains the importance of the paper. Abstract also gives a summary of the results obtained. A good abstract is concise and quantitative and of one to two paragraphs. Abstract do not have citations and title words are not repeated. Table of contents contains heading and subheadings together with page numbers found in the entire thesis. List of figures contains the page numbers and short title of all the figures in the thesis.  List of tables contains the page numbers and short titles of all tables in the thesis.  In thesis writing, introductory part is written after the completion of the rest of the paper.  Include a statement of interest to motivate the reader to read the entire paper. Introduction part includes the background information of the paper, scope of work and a clear focus on thesis question. Methodology parts contain the various materials, procedure, and theory used to acquire certain results. In this part, provides a reader with the believability of the results obtained. Results are obtained from observations. Result part it is good to mention both negative and positive results. Break up results into segments using subtitles. Discuss in few lines results obtained above.  Discussion part should be brief and precise. Conclude with the strongest and important statement made from the observations.  In conclusion part, do not repeat abstract, introduction and discussion words.  Include the suitable recommendations pertaining the results. Acknowledge everybody who gave a helping hand when writing a thesis.  All references used are listed in the reference part.  Appendices part include reference material and list of equipment used. Edit the thesis to make sure it is grammatically correct.

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