There are rules and regulations that are set aside that regulates in the investment sector. International government agreements set aside the rules and regulations that govern the government and foreign investors. Investment is a branch of law that contains rules that govern the investment.  Investment governed can either be an international investment or national investment. Investment law governing the international investment is shaped economic, political and historical factors. Mostly the capital- exporting and capital-importing states have clashed regularly.  National investment is governed by the national investment law.  The commercial law cuts across the property law and obligations law. The transaction requires the application of the law of contract since their contractual transaction is involved.   Public law regulates the relationship between individuals and government and in this case investors are individuals.  When studying investment law investment and investor are two common vocabularies which must be used. Both international and national law recognizes these vocabularies. Investment is money put together for a profit.  Investment law regulates the entry of foreign investors in the country.  Investment law also provides a guarantee to investors. Environmental issues are well elaborated in the investment law. Promotion of employment is one of the labor issues which is educated by the investment law.

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