Military Law


Uniform code of the military is the backbone of the military legal system. Military law is a branch of law that regulates members of the armed forces.  The law is applicable to civilian but in special circumstances, personnel who return from a tour of duty must return to civilian life where the transition seems to be difficult.  Application of military law reflects recognition of such people to different duties. The military justice system is a primary law enforcement tool of the armed forces.  The three tiers of the military court are courts-martial, a united state court of appeals and courts of criminal appeals. The rules that govern people in the military are established by the uniform code of military which is applied in both armed services and abroad. The uniform code of military implements laws of war which applies during armed conflict as well as establishing court-martial where all trials involving people take place.  Examples of the issues that are covered by the uniform code of military are types of courts-martial, rules that govern jurisdiction, legal investigations discharge and trial process.  The special court-martial, summary court-martial, and general martial court are three forms of military tribunals. Military enlistments are composed of six service obligations which are divided between active and reserve duty. The enlisted obey lawful orders and serve in combat as required. Enlistment creates both a contractual obligation and change in recruit’s legal status National defense by Congress duty is carried out through military service. The last method of entry to the military is by appointment of an officer.  The law of war is the international law that accepts justification of the nation to take place. Law of war is designed to limit war and to restrict the started war from causing further destruction.  Military separation is accomplished through administrative proceedings.  Discharge review board and board of correction of the military are the two administrative bodies that review discharges.

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