Tourism law is rules and regulations that govern the specific travel and hospitality.  Tourism law is put in place to provide proper rules to develop and manage tourism activities.  Tourism law help in conservation of the natural resources and wild animals. The law also comprises of the cultural tourism preservations and establishment of the development in the region. Tourists received basic legal protection. Tourism law consists of federal, state and international laws that regulate the travel industry.   Nevada, California, Florida, Hawaii, and Lowa in America are the few states that maintain seller of travel law.  The seller of travel law means that the state will require anyone to provide travel related services. These people are required to register with the government displaying their registration number. National airline has become famous for its security concern. There is airline bill of right which regulates how passengers are treated in the airline companies.  Sometimes traveling by air can be frustrating and time wastage. However, Airline has its own regulation that limits the legal and financial liabilities. Some states have opened free tourist centers with the aim of increasing the number of tourists.  The law that governs tourism industry sometimes tends to be non-standardized and disorganized. The main duties of the minister for tourism are to provide any sort of information services for the tourists and encouraging the development of the tourism industry in the State. There are common travel-related problems like loss and damage of baggage.

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