Partner 820/801 visa is the type of visa that allows partners or spouses of the Australia, Australian permanent resident, and the new eligible Zealand citizens to live in Australia. Partner visas are available for both heterosexual and the same-sex couples.  Partner 820 visa is issued first and allows one to stay in Australia while the permanent visa which is partner 801 is been processed.  To be eligible for a permanent visa in Australia, one has to apply for a temporary partner visa.  Both temporary and permanent visas are applied at one time at a fee. Temporary partner 820 visa allows the applicant to live in Australia for two years where after these two years applicant can apply for partner 801 visa which is a permanent visa. To qualify for a permanent partner visa that is partner 801 visa, one has to show proof that they are still living together. Partner 820/801 visa can be granted to a partner if they are married or can show that they live together for one year.  Can also be granted to a partner if they have no 8503- no further stay condition and if holds another visa type like student visa, visitor visa or working holiday visa.  Once a partner 801 visa is granted, the applicant’s Australian residency becomes unconditional and the applicant has the right to live indefinitely in Australia.  The partner 820 visa allows the partner limited benefits like life and work in Australia until a decision is made of the permanent visa, a study in Australia without accessing government fund and enroll in Australia’s scheme for health.  Unlike the partner 820 visa, partner 801 visa includes all benefits of the Australian permanent residency like work and live in Australia indefinitely, one has opportunity to study in Australia and partner can travel in and out of the Australia.

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