Law paper writing is a common practice in law schools. College students are sometimes asked to explain how to write a law paper. Total commitment is the key to writing high-quality law papers. To write a good law paper, the student must be well equipped with the legal skills. There are many types of the law paper that a student is assigned, therefore the student must have a clear knowledge of what is required by the tutor.  When writing a law paper, proper planning and research are the key requirements. Read and understand the instructions before engaging in any writing. Before choosing any topic read all the information provided and choose a topic of interest. Choose a topic that motivates during the research process. During the research process, it is good to identify the type of sources required. Sources are divided into threes that are, primary, secondary and tertiary sources. Primary sources are firsthand account while secondary sources analysis the primary sources. Tertiary sources normally give overview of both primary and secondary sources.  Interviews, speeches, written articles, textbooks and commentaries editorials are some sources of information that can be used. During the research process, highlight the important arguments.    Law paper can be written as a research paper, essays and much more.  Write thesis statement which should be phrased as an argument. Create an outline which begins with the thesis statement which is then followed by arguments. Under each argument, list facts to support the argument. Introduction of a law paper is supposed to be broad enough and should capture the reader’s attention. The conclusion summarizes the entire paper. Conclude the paper strongly restating the thesis statement.  After drafting, write the actual paper ready for submission.  Use the correct citation styles according to the instructions given. Proofread the paper and make sure it is of the required length.

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