The Australian consumer law applies to all consumers. The section 18 of the Australia consumer law elaborates on consumer protection and it prohibits unfair trade practices which include misleading conduct, making a false representation in relation to the selling of goods and services, unconscionable conduct and unfair terms in the consumer contract and the standard form consumer contracts. Section 18 of the Australia consumer law states that the person should not engage in the conduct that is misleading.  The remedy is easily found in Victoria under the ACL and FTA’s application of Australia consumer law. The law states that a person acquiring goods or services is a consumer if the goods or services acquired amount the less than $40,000 if the goods were acquired for household use or consumption if the goods of a vehicle acquired for use principally in the transport of goods on public roads. However, this law does not apply to a person who acquires goods for re-supply, or who acquires goods for the purpose of transforming them in trade.  Insurance contracts do not apply in the consumer protections of the Australia consumer law.  The Australia consumer law prohibits the false representation with respect to goods and services such as price, approval, history, and place of origin and standard, quality, and value of goods or services.  In section 20 of chapter 18 of Australia consumer law, a person is prohibited from engaging in the unconscionable conduct.

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