It was in early 1990’s where the State started to enact mandatory sentencing laws to the criminal offenders. According to the violent crime and the law enforcement act of 1994, the three strikes law provides the compulsory life imprisonment if one has been convicted in the federal court for a serious violent felony. The reason the three strike laws were put in place was that the State was evoked when the offenders committed their third crime.  However, the main aim of the three strike law was to get criminals out of the street.  The word sentencing in three strike law has a significant impact on the criminal defendant.  The phrase serious violent felony as used in the three strikes law in simple term defines the statute like murder, manslaughter, robbery, and kidnapping.  Three strike laws were highly appreciated and by 2003 over half of the States had enacted it.  The State of the Washington passed the three strike laws in 1993 and anybody who was convicted was sentenced to life in prison.  The state of California was the second in 1994 by enacting the three strike laws that ruled sentence of 25 years for a third conviction. In California state 50,000 offenders had been sentenced in 2001. Much criticism has been drawn on three strike laws.  Concerns have been raised to offenders who have just committed the shoplifting crime or any other minor crime and they are sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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