The US first amendment normally guarantees the freedom of speech, right to petition and religion.  The US first amendment forbids the Congress from promoting religion over others and it also forbids restriction of individuals’ religious practice. The US first amendment prohibits the government from establishing, however, the US first amendment prohibits any law that establishes a national religion and that impede the religious exercise.  The Supreme Court has interpreted the extent of protection of the US first amendment. In the US first amendments, the first clause explains the freedom of religion in details.   It further explains enforcement of the religion and State, though some religious activities have been termed as constitutional by the Supreme Court.  In regards to the freedom of speech, US first amendments allow the citizen to express themselves without any interference from the government.   US first amendment explains the right to petition as the right which allows people to gather together for a lawful and peaceful purpose.  Right to petition in regard to US first amendment does not include the right to social association. The right of association prohibits the people from engaging in the groups which are known to promote illegal activities.

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