The federal system is known to divide the powers of the government between the national, state and the local governments. The local government is known to impose taxes.  The federal system is applicable in large countries where there is a diverse group of people.  The federal system addresses the variety of needs in the specified countries.  The federal system is the main structure of the American government. The federal system was established by the constitution in the United State.  The federal system is also known as federalism. In the federal system, each level of the government has its own sovereignty.  The powers of the federal system of the government are limited.  This is simply to say, that the policy is devised at every level of government.  In the federal system, there is freedom of the information. The media in the United State is independent and it is free from official control. The defense, management of the dollars, foreign policy and interstate commerce are the key mandates that are found in the US federal system.  The court of appeals for the federal circuit was established in 1982 and it comprises of the jurisdiction over the actions which are arising under the laws which relate to patents. Each State in the United State has one or more federal judicial districts and each district has a district court.  All district courts have general federal jurisdictions.  Court of international trade is a type of federal court that was formed in 1890 as the board of the United Stat General Appraisers.

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