The adversarial system is a type of legal system that is commonly followed in United State.  The adversarial system describes in details the resolution of the disputes among the parties.  The system is subjected to the opposing side of the case.   The system protects the rights of person and protects the people from abuses of the government. The parties are represented by the legal persons who are interested in the resolution found.  In an adversarial system, the parties in a certain case are required to develop and present an argument which must be followed by evidence.   The parties in the case are allowed to call the witnesses in support of their argument. In an adversarial system, the parties are represented by the attorneys.  The role of the attorneys is to present the concern parties’ cases. The adversarial system is known to be slow and tiresome.  However, defenders of the adversarial system are quick to contest on each criticism presented on a certain case.  Defenders in the adversarial system argue that it is necessary to control the litigation for the preservation of the neutrality of both the judge and jury. The defender has the freedom to choose any evidence to support the argument.  Despite the judge in the adversarial system been neutral, the judge is also known as a passive fact finder who examines the evidence with an aim of settling the disputes. The fact examined in an adversarial system, the fact is not supposed to be involved in the arguments presented.   It is believed that the adversarial system results in the societal benefit that is known to outweigh its own inherent shortcomings.  The adversarial system ascertains that each party in the case should focus on winning the case.  Therefore each party is supposed to present the argument which is supported by the detailed and relevant evidence.

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