Crimes are always committed every day and some crimes go unreported.  The crimes go unreported because  nobody realizes that the crime was committed.  Most of the crime are known once they are reported to the police. Dark figure crime has become a huge issue in today’s society. The dark figure of crime is the phrase used by the experts and the sociologists to describe the number of the crimes committed that are not discovered or reported.  It is important to report the crime as the is useful in assessing the effectiveness of the measures to be used in prevention.  These undiscovered or unreported crimes put to doubt the effectiveness and efficiency of the official crimes.  The study has shown that the dark figure crime affects all the cities, town and the countries.  According to Albert Biderman in his thesis, dark figure of crime is described as the occurrences that are termed as crimes and they are not registered in statistics of any agency. There is dark figure crime that is committed but they do not actually appear in criminal statistics.  In the community, the number of crimes found can either be recorded or can be dark figure crime.  According to the dark figure crime,  the criminologist is based on the positivist approach. The criminologist assumes that the crime can either be real or objective.  The dark figure crime in a way is a theory that normally postulates that is not well known to be a crime.  In order reduce the rate of unreported crimes, the communication between police bodies and members of the society should be highly encouraged. However, most of the crimes committed are a result of police judgment. The failure to record a crime in a right police department may have a different impact on the crime.  The process of recording a crime involves reporting,  recording and determining the number of crimes recorded.

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