The rule of law acts like a block in which the modern society was founded.  Laws are usually made for the welfare of the people to keep up harmony and stop the conflicts.  The rule of law is derived from a French phrase “La Principle de Legality”. Rule of law simply means a situation in which laws are obeyed by everyone, that is, the law is above everyone and should be obeyed.  The rule of law comprises of the values of regularity and the restraint. The rule of law requires the government to practice law in accordance with the constitution. The rule of law is applicable in the principle of separation of powers between the three arms of the government. Rule of law is considered to be an integral part of the law.  In every government none of any branch of the government or even individuals are above the law, this means none of the government officials can act arbitrarily outside the law.  The rule of law allows the government to impose liability as far the law allows.  In case the government punishes one for the offense that cannot be deemed to be criminal, the rule of law is automatically violated as the government exceeded its legal authority.  In addition, the rule of law is bridged when a government punishes someone for a vague or poorly phrased law.  Each day members of the State feel slightly different when it comes to the interpretation of the rule of law, this is because judges have different terms of interpreting and defining the phrase rule of law.  However, most scholars have come to a conclusion that since the law was written using ambiguous terms.  In addition, some scholars suggest that the rule of law can be interpreted in an objective and political fashion.

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