ACT essay format is commonly used in universities. The college read writing skills helps a scholar when it comes to ACT essay format. Most of the ACT format are in multiple choices. When writing an essay using ACT format, it is good to have a good impression in the introduction part. The examiner is able to tell what the entire essay entails after looking at the introduction part. The thesis statement should be well stated and should neither be too broad nor narrow. Introduce your thesis statement in a systematic way and indicates the relationship of the thesis statement and the perspectives given in the entire essay. The thesis statement should contain main keywords of the title.  In the discussion part of the essay, it is good to discuss both the pros and cons. Discuss in details how you understand the complexities of the issue raised. Support the argument as much as possible giving relevant and reasonable examples. Arguments should be a separate paragraph but should have a relationship.  Discussion of multiple points in one paragraph is not recommended. ACT essay needs to have at least five paragraphs.  The essay must have an introduction, three body paragraph, and a conclusion. Every paragraph should have an introduction to a transition and opposition acknowledgment.  The thesis statement should be stated in the introduction and conclusion part. Though it is advisable to use different words in conclusion paragraph when stating the thesis statement.  Do not add any new idea to the conclusion part. After you are through in writing an essay, take time to proofread the entire essay. A good essay must be free from any grammatical errors and punctuations. Before submission, make sure that your essay meets all the requirements needed in writing ACT essay format. Above all give your essay before the deadline for grading.

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