Electric field and magnetic field are known as electromagnetic force.  The immovable charges cause the electric fields.  But if these charges move, they automatically create magnetic fields. Bio savart law is an equation that is used to illustrate the magnetic field that is created by current carrying the wires.   The equation helps in calculating the strength of various destinations.  Bio savart law can be used to calculate the magnetic field which results in electric current distribution. When finding magnetic field your must involve the vector product.  When deriving the bio savart law you start by taking the equation of electric field.   This version is used when using muu-zero over the 4pi instead of using electrostatic constant k.  The charge q is replaced with I dl which is equals to current present in the wire.  One needs to have enough skills in calculus when using biot savart law.  When the wire is straightened for some calculus calculations, the law results to muu-zero that is divided by 2pir.  In simpler terms, magnetic field equals the permeability of free space. The magnetic field that is created by current carrying wires takes the form of concentric circles.

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