Cardinal Law can be defined as the religious ego of men who are not willing to repent. Cardinal Law is known as Bernard Francis Law .He was an American cardinal of Roman Catholic Church. He was archpriest of Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore as well as cardinal priest of the Santa Sussana which is in Rome.  A letter which was signed by 58 priests was represented which asked the Cardinal Law to resign his archbishop post.  He was considered as the pariah with American Catholic church ranks.   Cardinal Law resigned as a chairman of Board of Trustees in the Catholic University of America in 11th December 2002 and in 13th December 2002 he resigned as archbishop of Boston.  The Boston globe helped in bringing Cardinal Law down by exposing him to the sexual abuse. Cardinal Law was well known for his child sodomy which is perpetuated among the priests in Boston. Cardinal Law allowed homosexual behind the cloak of confessional. 13 years since his resignation, Cardinal Law has found the haven far from the Boston in the walls of Vatican.  Cardinal Law enjoys a life than any other retired cardinal living in Vatican would enjoy.

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