CLEO method law essays are law essays written using CLEO method. In simpler terms, CLEO stands for claim, law, evaluation, and outcome. When writing CLEO method law essay, there are basic areas one need to tackle. Namely legal theory, the legal reform, and legal history.  CLEO method is commonly used when writing a law essay.  It consists four steps and normally focuses on the problem questions. CLEO method can be used to tackle a discussion and practice questions. The first step when using CLEO method is identifying the claim.  This is a concern on how to spot the legal issues to be addressed and at the same time constructing an argument to respond to the question addressed. It explains the relationship of the CLEO method to legal practices before explaining in details what the claim entails.  The second step is presenting the law appropriately. This covers a range of legal issues and the reasoning skills. It further explains steps involved in writing first-class law essay and the purpose of the authority in legal writing.   The third step is an evaluation of the facts in light of legal issues presented in step two. The last step in CLEO method of writing law essay is identifying the outcome of the argument.  It involves balancing of the themes brought up in the essay. When writing a law essay, you are required to understand many skills applied in writing.  Law essays have unique features that differentiate them from other types of essays. A good essay should meet the objective of the question and have good knowledge of the area addressed. The citation of the law essay is marked differently from the standard essay.  Therefore you need to be aware of the citation style to use.

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