The copyright law forms an intellectual property law that its main duty is to protect the original work of the authorship.  The copyright law provides the protection for musical, sound recording, the audiovisual works, artistic works, and broadcast.  The copyright law does not protect the facts, systems or ideas.  The original of authorship that appears on the website is normally protected by copyright law.  The authorship may include the artwork, photographs, and writings.  However, copyright law does not protect the domain names. The mere listing of the ingredients is not protected by the copyright law.   Copyright law does not protect the names, slogans, titles and the short phrases. However, some names are protected under the trademark law.  The logo artwork can be protected by the copyright law if it has enough authorship.  Copyright law does not take law in publication.  In addition, the copyright law does not protect the sightings. The architectural works were subjected to copyright law in December 1990. The architectural works include the buildings, the architectural plans, and drawings.  The copyright law of United States has seventeen titles of United State Code.  The Copyright law of 1976 provides a basic framework of current law.   The copyright law of 1976  is the revision of copyright law in the title 17. The US copyright office registers the intellectual property claims. The copyright board directs, coordinates and oversees the implementation of the laws and the international treaties and conventions.  Therefore the copyright Act is responsible for the observance.  The activities of the Copyright Act have some actions that promote counterfeit of the copyrighted materials. 

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