Gauss law is used in calculating electric fields from charged objects.  The Gauss law states that net flux of electric field through a closed surface is proportional to enclosed electric charge.  The first equation of Maxwell’s law was formulated by the Carl Friedrich Gauss in 1835. This law entails the electric field on the closed surface and the net charge. The electric flux is an electric field that passes through a given area multiplied by the area of the surface is perpendicular to the field.  The electric flux is useful in gauss law.  The Gauss law applies to any closed surface. The Gauss law permits the assessment of the amount of enclosed charge by covering the field on the surface outside charge distribution.  The integral area of an electric field of any closed surface is equal to a net charge on the surface which is divided by the permittivity of a space. The Gauss law is the fundamental equation of the electricity and magnetism.  The law permits evaluation of electric field.  Electrostatic field is the electric field  created by fixed charges

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