Law abiding citizen is an extraordinary film where it is gutted f semblance of a drama. Law abiding citizen is written by the Kurt Wimmer and directed by F Gary Gary.  Law abiding citizen starts with the two main leering psychopaths who storms into a suburban home which belongs to one married couple.  The start their missions by striking the husband across the head using a baseball bat.  Then they move to the wife where they slam her against the wall and start to molest her.  The crackle a little after they notice that the couple’s young daughter is watching them, but they later kill her.   The scene is full of violence, bloodletting, and body mutilation.  The law-abiding law can strangely belated to attempt the rehash in cases where the makers are too busy and have new ways of maiming the characters. In the Clyde Shelton where a play Gerard Butler is the character, there is a story of the Philadelphian who had a wrecked life after his loved ones died.  The Philadelphian main consolation was that the murderers have been caught and he hopes they will be prosecuted soon.   Cocky flashily and Nick Rice shows some pride to Philadelphian saying that his evidence is premature. Nick Rice is a pragmatist and he is keen to maintain a high rate of conviction.  Rice struck deal with Darby who makes a testimony of his fellow butcher.  However, Shelton cannot tolerate comprising but he demands vengeance.   Shelton goes quietly postal over ten years which gives him time make final waking minutes of a murderer. Shelton replaces potassium with bromide main aim been to frazzle the inmate for eternity.  He also paralyzes Darby and applies a hacksaw to slice him into around 25 segments. In other series, Shelton kills a judge, plants bombs in a car park and also bury a man alive.  Shelton also uses a weaponized bomb to cause a massacre.

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