A law clerk is sometimes called judicial clerk or a judicial assistant.  The legal field is completely complex as law keeps on changing.  In order to have a good record, the team of legal professionals is needed. Law clerk researches issues, assemble cases and writes down the opinions for the cases already in court.  apart from that, law clerks carry various duties like preparing legal drafts, preparing trials briefs, exhibits, and motions, maintaining the calendar by entering and updating court dates and meetings and protecting law firm reputations. Law clerk post is mostly reserved for junior apprentice judges. Law clerk helps judges and lawyers in law firms, courts, and other legal offices.   To become a law clerk, some training is required.  Qualifications of a law clerk include the client contact skills, the legal administration skills, the administrative writing skills, the documentation skills, the client relationships and the legal compliance skills.   Diploma or a degree in legal studies is the major qualification of a law clerk.  Successful completion of paralegal certificate is an added qualification of a law clerk. Most of the people who are willing to work as a law clerk are required to complete a bachelor degree and a one year in a law school.  However, people who are willing to work for Federal judge as law clerk will be required to complete a law school.  Judicial internships are recommended as law clerk positions. This is because a person is required to have enough experience before practicing as a judge or lawyer.  It is advisable for a law clerk to stay up to date on all legal issues.  Salary of the law clerk varies depending on the law firm or court.  By May 2011 the top-earning law clerks were in Hawaii, Nevada, Rhode Island and District of Island.

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