Law dissertation covers a range of areas. It is one of the interesting academic paper that law student is required to write. Law dissertation writing process requires a creative mind, self-motivation and forensic attention. As law dissertation writing process is a complicated process, it requires commitment and reading effort.  If not well carried out, law dissertation writing can lead to anxiety and stress.  Law dissertation writing to law students is worth considerate. Coming up with a law dissertation topic is not easy at all. This is because you have to spend time in crafting dissertation title that suits your law dissertation. Law dissertation comprises of 1000-1500 words and it enables a law student to develop skills that will be useful for a future career. As the lawyer’s strength is on the knowledge of the law but where to find the law, therefore you need to have research skills when writing law dissertation. Have the ability to find proper and enough resources for your dissertation.  Gather all the information you think is relevant then dismantle them in a way that they support your research question. You are required to be able to access the expert opinion when writing a law dissertation. A good law dissertation requires simple arguments. In order to have a quality law dissertation, it is good to cut complex information into short sentences.  Structure and organization of the law dissertation are very important.   Enough time must be allocated in law dissertation writing process. Title page: – is written according to instructions given by the examiner.  A good law dissertation comprises of the abstract which summarizes the dissertation with about 200 words, an introduction that gives a reader background information about the dissertation.  Information should be brief and straight to the main point. The literature review is the largest section of the dissertation. Discusses the given topic in more details, therefore a lot of research must be carried out. Methodology outlines the methods which were used in data collection. Results obtained are discussed and interpreted in details. Conclusion part concludes the dissertation in one paragraph. Lastly, reference page contains a list of materials where information was obtained.

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