Law of nature is simpler the principles that govern the natural phenomena in the universe. Law of nature depends on the experience of evidence and has no logical necessity. Law of nature has two forms namely, the law is universal if some conditions are stated in it, provided those conditions are known and that the law is probabilistic if it affirms of the average and stated fractions displaying a stated condition will automatically display the other conditions well.  The law is always valid even though it is obtained under minimal circumstances.  The theories of Humeans and Necessitarians are the types of theories that feature the law of nature. The necessitarians theory argue that there is a physical necessity is the property of law of nature.  The physical necessity inhere the universe’s woof and warp.  It is advisable to distinguish the law of nature from all generalizations.  One must be aware that the positive attributes are usually required when using the law of nature. Note that the statements about events or things that are limited to one place cannot be lawlike.  The prediction of scientists cannot be used in deriving law.  The law founded through experience must help one to understand matters that are included in those experiences.

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