Sharia law is also known as the Islāmic law. The word sharia is an Arabic word that means God’s immutable divine. Sharia law is a religious law that forms part of Islāmic traditions.  Sharia law or Islāmic law is derived from Quran and Hadith.  Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbali, and Jafari are the law schools that assisted in deriving sharia rulings from ijtihad.  The sharia law existed since the 18th and 19th centuries. According to the Sharia law, some crimes are referred to as hudud and there are specified penalties this type of crime. Sharia evolves within the Islāmic societies to address the needs today.  Note that Sharia was not revealed by Allah but it is based on the Quran and the things of Prophet Muhammad.  Quran was revealed by Muhammad in 630CE.  After his death, people used to inquire about Muhammad from his kins and this is how Hadith came to be. During the lifetime of Muhammad Sharia did not exist as it does today.  Those days people did not treat Sharia as a law.   Sharia is not a legal system but it includes the Islāmic principles that guide people in their cultural practices. The Islāmic law is based on one’s interpretation of Sharia.  The interpretation of Sharia is limited to rule of interpretations.  The rules of interpretations are called fiqh and were founded by scholars in 900CE.  Most of the Islāmic countries believe in the Islāmic family law.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are some of the countries where Sharia law is practiced.  The secular court was in existence in Islāmic countries since 661- 750 CE.  Sharia judges dealt with matters of religion. 

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