Swamlane diagram essay is also known as a cross-sectional diagram and it features on divisions. Each division is assigned a department or phase that describes the activity carried out. Division of the swam lane diagram essay can either be displayed in vertical or horizontal columns. However, if the division is displayed either vertically or horizontally, the information displayed must be logical and in chronological order. When using a swamlane diagram, it is necessary to brainstorm to identify various steps to be used in the diagram.  It is good to identify a wasteful process in the diagram in order to improve them. When tackling swamlane diagram essay, you are needed first to identify the workflow of the department that needs to be optimized and that includes EMR documentation. You are required to create a swamlane flowchart of the entire workflow.  Create another one-page swamlane diagram for the future workflow.  You are at liberty to choose the software to be used in designing the flowchart.  Lastly, you are supposed to save and represent the document in a power point, google app store or any other format that can be saved as pdf.  It is easy to identify multiple actors in an essay when using a swamlane diagram. Swamlane is useful in identifying the redundancies and problematic areas.  In addition, a swamlane concept is versatile and can be applied to quite a number of diagrams. Swamlane diagrams incorporate the symbols to display certain information. It is very necessary to identify the time elapsed during the handoff and how that handoff procedure took place.

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