The intellectual property law is a type of law that deals with rules governing the invention and designs and the artistic work. It protects the creations of human mind.  Intellectual property law also enforces the legal rights of the invention, the design, and artistic work.  IP law also protects the control of the intangible assets.  The purpose of IP law is to help people develop the creative work that will benefit the society.  The protection of the intellectual property is based on the federal patent, the copyright, and trademark as well as state laws.  The patents protect the inventions of the tangible things.  The copyrights protect the written and the artistic expression. The trademarks protect the symbol and the name that identifies the sources of the goods and services. The lawyers concerned with intellectual properties offers legal advice to their clients on matters pertaining the intellectual capital protection.  Intellectual lawyers also help in licensing inventions and transferring the proprietary technology. 

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